Dominos Gluten Free Crust

dominos pizza boxes

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Domino’s Pizza is stepping up this year with a gluten free crust option for those with gluten allergies. This can open a whole new line of business for the company. Being the first of the large pizza companies to announce such a product, Domino’s is sure to attract those with sensitivities. The company has posted a promotional video on YouTube to highlight the new product. Pay attention though, towards the end of the video it is presented that there are trace glutens in the kitchens, and no pizza is 100% gluten free. The honesty role played here is refreshing to see from such a large company.

While gluten free does not always mean low carb, the crust packs in a whopping 18g per slice, slightly more than the regular hand tossed crust. The third option, thin crust is clearly the winner on the carb count. At 8g of carbs per slice, it is the best option. Although anyone who has eaten thin crust pizza knows there is little substance to each slice.

If you are craving pizza, Carlo Carbiano makes a ready to eat low carb pizza crust that is ready to be topped with your favorite veggies. With some sauce, this makes a great meal for those left-over ingredients in the refrigerator.

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