Alcohol and Carbs

Drinking is the easiest way to consume the carbs you need to avoid. Keeping an eye on this is necessary, especially when consuming alcohol. Alcoholic drinks vary in sugar, calories, and carbs. Knowing what to look for and order on your low carb diet is an essential part of the low carb diet. Beer, liquor and wine are the most common alcoholic beverages, and this article will focus on what all three mean to the low carb eater.

Carbs and Beer

glass of beerBeer can be the worst, when looking at carb counts. Beer can have anywhere from 2g to 25g of carbs per 12 oz. serving. Why such a difference? Beer is brewed differently, so differently, that those same beers range in calories from 55 to 250. So what do you look for? The lighter end of beer is the 55 or 60 calorie beer that is marketed by Miller and Budweiser. Both of these contain around 2g of carbs. The micro brewed and stronger beers are at the higher end of the spectrum. Be careful when ordering these.

Blue Moon17114
Bud Light1107
Budweiser Select993
Budweiser Select 55552
Coors Light1045
Corona Light1055
Corona Extra14814
Michelob Amber Boch16615
Michelob Light1137
Michelob Ultra952.5
Miller Chill1106.5
Miller Genuine Draft14313
Miller Genuine Draft 64642
Miller Lite963
Pabst Blue Ribbon14412
Sam Adams Boston Lager16018
Yuengling Lager13512

Liquor and Carbs

shot of liquorMost strong liquor does not contain any carbs. You heard it right, 0 carbs. The problem is no one wants to drink liquor straight, which is where mixed drinks come in. Diet pop can be used, as well as low sugar juices to cut those unwanted carbs. Most other mixers will contain carbs, including tonic water.

While straight liquor contains 0 carbs, there are diluted liquors that are sweeter, and have added flavors. These are common in mixed shots and some drinks. Flavored rums, vodkas, and even whiskeys can contain up to 22g of carbs per shot.

Absolute Flavors1100
Bacardi O703
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum651
Grand Marnier757
Malibu Rum605

Water or Wine?

glass of wineEven wine can be sneaky when counting carbs. While most regular wines are acceptable with 3-6g of carbs per glass, dessert wines and sweet wines are not so low. These can have up to 22g of carbs per serving. A general rule for wine is the more sugar the wine has, the more carbs.

All wines are based on a 5oz. glass.

Pinot Grigio1222
Sauvignon Blanc1193
Dessert Wine22020
Champagne (Brut)952
Champagne (Rose)1006

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    Thanks! I’ve been looking for some new ideas for snacking. I will be trying those Parmesan crisps soon!

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